Which App development cost more Apple or Android?

If you are in the tech industry then you must be curious to know, Does iPhone app development costs more than Android apps?

I did a small research and made these points. I have discussed why development of iPhone apps costs higher than Android.

In the very first section, i have given the specific points that why it does. But to know more you should with the whole article which has a lot of value and researched data in it.


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An Apple Developer must and should have an apple device

You might no be knowing this fact but this is a hard truth, The Apple has restricted the apple developer by making walls around them.

You cannot test an app on any other than the device of Apple. The app development can be done on any platform but when it comes to testing you need an Apple device to test the app.

You might be thinking about the emulator, But excuse me. The IOS emulator runs only on a mac than any other devices.


Apple app store has Limitations

Apple does not leave their developers telling do what ever you want. The make

  • Only professionals are good to do them
  • The less no developers have a small community.
  • The community and forum is not free
  • Java is the major part of app development


Android Users has No Strict imitation

  • Large games can be developed
  • The computing faster and can bear more load than Apple devices
  • The hardware is cheaper and can be increased or devices can be changed in low cost
  • Android allows almost any kind of app on its devices and plays store.


You may not find an app which roots or jailbreaks an iPhone device but coming to Android play store, you can find tons of apps which allow you to explore and experiment the phone.


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